Console Bathroom Vanities and Sinks


Console bathroom vanities – The bathroom sink is not just for hand washing and tooth brushing. It has become a necessary space for storage for the average homeowner and continues to increase in importance as a design element. Sink or vanity as it is often called is one of the most important functional parts of the design in the bathroom. The synonymous use of the bathroom sink and vanity is a minor misunderstanding, the vanity is actually a type of bathroom sinks prominent in American bathroom design. Console commonly referenced in the living room furniture as a console table. A console sink has a very similar appearance. This flag is similar to a table with its use of decorative legs.

Since it is installed in a cabinet gives vanity sink optimal storage for homeowners, and can easily be adapted for his-and-her use. Although it has not supplied cabinets, console bathroom vanities and sink provides substantial space on the countertop and has space underneath to place storage baskets on the floor, stacking towels or newspapers, etc. Pedestal sinks are compact and offer a vintage feel, and is easy to navigate for cleaning. Likewise, wall-mounted sinks leaving most of floor space, which is good for small bathrooms and cleaning. A trend report from Kohler, the manufacturer of bath and kitchen products, said vessel sinks are great additions to the powder room or half-bath, where they will not be charged more hard use as regular brushing and shaving.

Kitchen Bath Design News reported in January 2010 that the consumer trends toward the bathroom vanity that has its own feel, with clean and streamlined styles at value pricing. They are also looking for innovative storage solutions and implementation of environmentally friendly materials in the design/upgrade of their bathroom sink/vanity. Vanities are using the most space, with wall-mounts take up the least space. The pedestal sink is a good solution for small bathroom spaces. Take complete measurements of the space where the sink fixture will be placed before shopping.  Plumbing parts for plumbing will demonstrate using the console bathroom vanities and pedestal sinks. Keep the rusty pipes in mind when planning for a new sink.

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