Easy Installing Bathroom Vinyl Flooring


Bathroom vinyl flooring is one of the most flexible materials. This requires prior preparation of the surface prior to installation. If you have no idea how to do, do not worry, because in this post will give you some hints on how to perform the task. Maintenance and cleaning are also essential if you want to keep it as the first day, so once you’ve placed, do not be silent to him.

First thing to look out for is that the surface, on which you are going to place bathroom vinyl flooring, is as level as possible and without any irregularity. It is a condition that must follow, whatever the type of soil, either continuous or tiles. The first of these, sold in rolls of different widths of 2-4 meters. The second adhesive is composed of individual tiles.

Finally, you cannot forget about cleaning and maintenance. You should know that bathroom vinyl flooring are made ​​of PVC and are impervious surfaces that support contact with water. Therefore, its maintenance is very simple. To clean, simply passing a wet mop in a solution of mild soap and water, if you want to get a higher gloss, you can use specific waxes.

Installing Bathroom Vinyl Flooring

The bathroom vinyl flooring is a low-cost alternative instead of tile or wood. It is easy to clean, resistant water and very durable, and the time for installation and preparation is also lower than other types of floor. This is an excellent choice for families with children. Installation does not require heavy machinery, reinforcement or placement of concrete beams. Remove the toilet closing the shutoff valve that feeds water. Pull the lever to empty the bath of the tank. Unscrew the toilet water feeder and remove it from the ground.

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Place the paper on the floor. Use the tape to attach the leaves until you have covered the entire surface of the bath with paper. Cut a template from the floor using the knife. It includes all holes, such as pipes and hollow toilet. Template ensures the bathroom vinyl flooring using the tape. Cut the vinyl according to the template. Remove the paper and place the floor face down.

Apply adhesive bathroom vinyl flooring using a spatula. Hold it at an angle of 45 degrees and using slight downward pressure, the spatula slides back and forth of the adhesive to the surface is rougher and improves the ability of the adhesive. Apply adhesive to the entire room, but only 5 to 7.5 cm wide.

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