How to Build Bathroom Light Bars


Bathroom light bars provide illumination around bathroom mirrors. Over time, these light covers are broken. His replacement is difficult because companies that originally facts are often no longer in business. Manufacturers often professionals can reproduce a copy of the light bar, but the cost is often many times the entire light bar itself. Using some simple tools and manufacturing techniques of plastic, covered light bar replacement can be built at low cost.

Measure the bathroom light bars. Greater light bars use a cover in the form of “U” instead for great in the center of the front panel or screws on the side panel’s screw. Draw a picture of the cover. Add the measurements to the drawing. Note that the lid is placed on the light bar, so that measures should be internal measures. Use 1.8 inch thick acrylic for the cover. Add material thickness for measurements, plus an additional 1/32 inch. This extra space allows some space to secure the lid does not fit too tightly. Acrylic expands and contracts with temperature changes. If the cover is too tight, acrylic cracking pressure of contraction.

Bathroom light bars create a list of necessary parts. In the case of a simple cover light bar, there are only three parts. The cover consists of a front, top and bottom panel. Acrylic, normally used for the decks of the light bar is a translucent white known as white lighting. This translucent white acrylic allow light to pass through, while hiding the bulbs and sockets behind the cover. Go to a store and have acrylic cut pieces of measured sizes.

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