How to Disassemble a Sterling Shower Faucet Set


Shower Faucet Set Sterling uses a cartridge-based system, where most of your hardware is contained in a single cartridge to facilitate the complexity of the repair. Because of this, the dismantling and removal of a shower tap Sterling can be completed with only a few basic tools that is usually available in most households that have no previous experience in plumbing. Just remove some screws and can pull the sides, leaving free space for a spare key.

Directions to disassemble a Sterling shower faucet set: 1) close the supply of water from the shower with the water valve located on the campus behind the shower. You can usually find the chest in the room next to the shower in the shared wall between the two rooms. Turn on the shower and let the water remaining in the pipes to drain before removing the tap. 2) Place the tip of a flathead screwdriver under the cover of the small handle on the key and beam lever faucet top to reveal the screws holding the faceplate of the drive in place. 3) Use a screwdriver Phillips screws to remove the faceplate of the drive shaft. Pull the handle drive away to access the escutcheon plate against the wall of the shower faucet set.

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