Navy and Turquoise Bathroom Vanities for Bathroom


Turquoise bathroom vanities – When paired, leading navy blue and turquoise reminiscent of tropical beaches, crisp clean air and an invitation to linger. Mimicking nature’s brilliance in a bathroom of any size. Use navy blue darkness to balance the brightness of turquoise and create a cohesive and inviting powder room and master bath. Add a splash of white or sand colors with plush washcloths or curtains to complete the sumptuous transformation. Clean your white bathroom fixtures and tile until they sparkle to set the background for your colorful themed bathroom. If you are starting from scratch, consider navy fixtures for an eye-catching start.

Buy the most luxurious towels that you can afford. Choose navy towels, face towels turquoise and navy blue flannels to layer on a towel bar. Roll extra towels spa style by folding them in half lengthwise and then roll them. Stack them in a corner of the tub, put them on the turquoise bathroom vanities or place them in a wicker basket. View navy blue and turquoise soaps in a glass container to dress the vanity or shelves. Hang a white pleated shades and blue and turquoise sheers over the window in the bathroom. This provides privacy and a splash of color without darkening room. Place a navy blue area rug in front of the sinks and bathtub or shower. See if you find a blue carpet with turquoise details.

Hang a fabric shower curtain that has blue and turquoise, or pick a beach scene plastic shower curtain set a tropical theme. Do some pottery or stained glass accessories on a large turquoise bathroom vanities or shelf. Consider the antique stained glass in blue or green to suit the turquoise motive, or pick a combination of navy blue and turquoise, as a soap dish and toothbrush holder. Select artwork that coordinates with your theme. Graphic and colorful images as “turquoise sea and blue sky seascape in Maldives, Indian Ocean” by photographer Frasier Hall, “Bleu II” by artist Joan Miro or “Black Sam” by Andy Warhol would be appropriate choice. That all ideas of navy and turquoise color of bathroom.

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