Painting Acrylic Bathroom Vanities


Acrylic bathroom vanities – These man-made bathroom vanity countertops are crafted from acrylic and are very easy to maintain because they are impervious to dents, water and abrasions. They come in many different colors and textures. Painting bathroom vanities is an inexpensive way to redecorate your bathroom without pricey housing replacement costs. Painting existing bathroom vanities look like painting vanities in the kitchen, except the working conditions may pose a little challenge since the bathrooms are smaller in size and less space to work. There are a few types of paint ideal for successful painting bathroom vanities.

A primer undercoat should be applied to previously painted acrylic bathroom vanities before the final coating of paint. The bathrooms accumulate excessive moisture and damp, which can cause paint to unduly prepped type for bubble, blister or peel. After sanding the vanity, apply an acrylic undercoat primer to seal the wood. Paint strongly adheres to the primer on a ground surface. Acrylic water-based primer is impervious to moisture penetration and it dries more quickly than the oil, then applying the paint on the same day. Sleekness of semi-gloss paint allows cleaning of bathroom vanities without marring or rubbing the new paint finish. Using a superior semi-gloss paint will give long life. A brand of quality semi-gloss paint will also self-level on the vanity, which minimizes the noticeable brush marks that form from the cutting-in.

Semi -gloss paint also stands up well to moisture and water marks appearing in steamy smaller bathrooms. Paint primed acrylic bathroom vanities with an acrylic water-based semi-gloss paint. For bathrooms with extreme humidity, paint the vanitys with a gloss paint instead. Enamel dries hard and form an extremely durable finish which prevents moisture and surface damage. Bathroom vanitys in a busy family bathroom are more prone to wear and tear, and a coat of enamel provide adequate protection in the long term. Enamel paint are resistant to stains, then wiping the dirt and soap residues without extensive paintwork. Latex enamel paint dries quickly, and usually allow re-coated on the same day. Oil-based enamel dries in the most durable finish, but the surface takes hours to completely dry.

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