Painting Bathroom Cabinets in Black


Painting bathroom cabinets – Bathroom cabinet is subjected to a harsh environment due to the high moisture levels in the air and as bathrooms tends to be high traffic areas. While the bathroom cabinets come stained or painted to protect them, black is not a standard color. To paint the bathroom cabinet black, you need to understand that black color covering different than other colors and may require an extra coat and tinted primer. In addition, applied in a bathroom cabinet will mandate the use of the toughest color available.

Painting bathroom cabinets remove the doors from the cabinet and remove the hinges and door pulls from the doors. Sand the cabinets and doors using 120-grit sandpaper. Clean the dust off of cabinets and doors with a cloth soaked in denatured alcohol.

When you are painting bathroom cabinets, fill any nicks or gouges in the surface of the cabinets with wood filler and let it dry, then sand the surface. The filler is often a little higher than the surrounding wood surface when it dries out, so sharpen it helps it blend in with the surrounding surface. Otherwise, it will appear in the tormented finish. Apply primer to the cabinet using a 4-inch cigar roller and a 2-inch angled brush. Has paint store tint the primer, which is white, a dark gray help the black paint to cover it.Painting bathroom cabinets,

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