Tuscan Maple Bathroom Vanities Ideas


Maple bathroom vanities – The Tuscan maple bath vanity brings an international touch to bathroom design that can slide right into the traditional style, old world style and European elegance, and of course Tuscan-inspired d├ęcor. The Tuscany collection vanity is made of maple – with an antique finished white Old World, making it the perfect choice for the smaller vanity bathrooms that need an upgrade to elegance. The Tuscan maple pair sets well with the colors of nature- But that does not have to mean neutral or unformatted. Browns, oranges, deep rich reds, deep green and deep earthy yellows perform the finest look in Tuscan design, and look amazing set out by the antique white finish of the cabinetmaking.

Granite countertops are an excellent choice in bathroom decor, and RTA’s Brown Baltic Granite offers a unique pattern of brown overlapping circles with a gray and black background that offers striking contrast for an unparalleled elegance. For more casual appeal, try the mottled appearance of beige granite with shades of brown, beige and white sprinkled throughout. While a white porcelain basin mount is always a favorite in the bathroom, do not be afraid to try a channel sink or aged copper sink for a striking appearance. Other design options that complement the Tuscan maple bathroom vanities. Look to Europe for inspiration for window cloths, Provence region of France is known for its flower-inspired and nature-inspired designs, which are so easy to find here in the United States.

The Tuscan maple bathroom vanities come with polished brass knobs, and they look quite amazing, take the look to the tap and manage to complete the look. Terracotta pots are something natural for the Tuscan style, even in the bathroom (for adults, of course). Fill with your favorite plants to capture an outdoor, patio feel. Large wrought iron pieces provide scale and texture in larger bathrooms, and are the right style for Tuscan vanity. Try a baroque towel standing next to the tub. Ceramic jars usually reserved for the kitchen can be excellent large-scale storage containers in the bathroom. Group them into your surround sound box for a great splash of color.

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