Two Sinks Bathroom Vanities Ideas


Two sinks bathroom vanities use a different approach than the drainage basin singe and double sink mounting kits help provide the necessary supplies. The exact configuration of each double bathroom sink drainpipe “setting varies depending on the placement of sinks” stub out drains and gutters located under the sinks. Although a double sink approach has two separate sink drains, drain both fed into the same stub out, or the down pipe in the wall. The two sink drains begin to separate lines, which go together and fed into a single trap or bent pipe you see under all sinks. The trap is performing very necessary function to keep a wall of water in the pipe, blocking sewer gases from coming through the sink drain. There stub out or down pipe that feeds into the wall under the sink, sitting in relation to sinks ‘drain dictates what type of configuration you must use the sinks’ downspouts. If stub out sit closer to a sink drain than another, you must install a pipe tee of the tube end piece of the drain that sits closer stub out, with other sink drain connection with a pipe bend and the horizontal pipe length. If stub out sits between the drain, you must connect the downspouts with a double 90-degree pipe tee.

Two sinks bathroom vanities, you need to dry fit the whole sink unit to ensure proper installation. Dry installation simply involves installing all the sink pipes without using any sealing means on pipe threads. While dry installation of the pipes, you may discover that some lines are too long, causing the pipes to bend or does not fit the square, which will lead to leaks at pipe joints later. By removing the tubes and using a hacksaw to shorten the pipes, you can achieve the right length so the pipes fit together properly.

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Two sinks bathroom vanities, when you have dry fit the pipes together, you have to take them apart and apply a seal support to prevent leakage of the pipes ‘joints. Plumbers band called Teflon tape by some, is a white tape wrapping clockwise around the pipes’ threads. Stir drug can be white or other colors, depending on the brand, but it is a sticky substance, wipe the pipe threads. Some plumbers choose to use both pipe dope and plumbers tape on all pipe threads to provide extra protection against leakage.

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